The cancer zodiac sign is one of the astrology signs. The personality of the people that are under this sign is intuitive and sentimental. Emotions run strong for them and their top priority in life is home and family. They are one of the zodiac signs that is sympathetic and has the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, which makes them greatly aware of and receptive to the people around them. Devoted also describes them perfectly, which makes them wonderfully sensitive people to be around. Like everyone else, they have strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes.


Features of a Cancer Born

The best features (strengths) of Cancer the crab people are compassion, they are emotionally sensitive, tenacious, and they are very protective of people that they love. Their faults include being manipulative, insecure, and they cling to the past, are pack rats, and like indirect conflict. They love being in or around water, arts, hobbies that they can participate in at home, eating with their friends, and assisting those that they love. The things that they do not like in life are people that they do not know, discussing their personal life, and when people put their mothers down. It is not surprising that they are devoted to the people that they are romantically involved with as well.

One of the comments that people say to people that are romantically involved is “I feel.” The people under the cancer zodiac sign often say this to those that they care about. They are tender and gentle, and being compassionate to their lovers is just part of their nature. They love readily, and they look for a romantic partner that is just as intuitive as they are. They are also very loving and loyal to their romantic life partners, love kids, and when they get married, they plan on staying with that person for the rest of their lives. Family and friends are very important to them as well.

Cancer Zodiac Traits In People

People that are under the astrology sign Cancer believe in traditions and they are maternal also. They make excellent parents and anything that has to do with their family is what is most important to them in life. No matter what needs to be done in their homes, they will do it. When it comes to family conflicts, they will regularly overlook them because they are with family and they will also do anything for their family. Since they are also very sentimental, they enjoy creating photo albums for and telling stories to the next generation. Cancer the crab people also love their friends a lot and want to help them.

When it comes to the relationships to their friends, Cancer is one of the zodiac signs they want to help their friends out as much as possible, as long as it does not get in the way of plans that they have with their family. Since they are more of a homebody, they would rather have a game night or meal at their home or a friend’s home versus going out somewhere. They run on emotions instead of their head, are very intuitive, and are very sympathetic as well. Sometimes, all of these great features can make them hard to understand. If a person takes the time to get to know them, the confusion will pass. When it comes to work, they have a great work ethic and are willing to do whatever task needs to be done.

cancer-signJust like they are sensitive, Cancerians are tenacious as well. No matter what the task is, they will jump in and do it. The best jobs for them involves anything that involves caring for other people and animals as well. For this reason, they would make a great nurse. They would also make a good housekeeper, journalist, or gardener. Since they are devoted to their country, they would also make a good politician. They want to feel as if they are making a difference in the world around them, whether it be big or small, and that is what keeps them fulfilled. Security is very important to them and money is an essential part of that security.

Security is one of the most important things to Cancerians. Their money is no different. They usually make money easily, and they save as much of it as possible. They are not spendthrifts and they believe in investing their money for the future. Money is often a status symbol for them and one of their money goals is to have a bank account with a good amount of money in it. These resourceful manage their time and money well as they are very important to them.

A love for family and friends, a sympathetic, empathetic, and intuitive nature, a love for children, a great work ethic, a nd a desire to work in a job where they make a difference in the world, makes Cancerians caring and are a wonderful person to have in your life. Their few faults of being manipulative, insecure, and they cling to the past, are pack rats, and liking indirect conflict are nothing in comparison to all of their great personality characteristics. If you let a Cancerian into your life it is a wise choice that you will love that you made.