Do You Know This Secret For Keeping Customers Loyal?

by Ed Martin

If you want to build long term successful relationships with customers and clients, consider giving them more than they purchase from you. Think about it. Everybody likes getting a little something for nothing. This is one great way any microbusiness can compete against larger companies and it also lets you get a leg up on all the other little guys who don’t give that little bit extra. It won’t cost you a dime and can earn you big rewards.

Give them help
Yep, that’s the secret.  Clients expect you to give them quality
products or service. That’s what they pay you for. But you can go beyond that. Show them some love. Play ball with the little fellers. Scratch their ears and rub their tummies. If you see a problem or, better yet, an opportunity they can act on, tell them about it. They’ll love you for it, especially if they know that you aren’t getting anything out of it.

If you’ve got an insight into their business, share it. Customers will start to see you as more than just a supplier. They’ll start to see you as a valuable asset and someone who cares about their business.

Sometimes the gift is “no”
If work comes along that you can’t do or you know someone who can do it better, let your customer know. You could lose some business in the short term, but in the longer term you’ve built a better relationship with your customer. Plus you’ve got someone else out there who owes you, and you can start to build up a relationship with them as well. Of course there is a risk that your customer might end up dumping you and going with the other guy, but that’s a chance you take. And if it is work you can’t do, then you shouldn’t be taking it on anyway, right?

Eyes wide open
The best way to give customers this free gift is to learn all you can about them. Keep your eyes and ears open to what is going on with their business and the marketplace. You’d be surprised what kind of good advice and insights you can give even without being an expert in their business just from your own experience.

Two caveats
First, make sure any help you give is good. Duh! Second, if your customers isn’t open to hearing from you then be quiet. But hey, who doesn’t want free good suggestions for their business.

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