Do You Really Need to Brand Your Home Business?

by Ed Martin

Have you created your home business brand? How about your personal brand? Do you have a microbusiness branding strategy? Do you even know how to do that? If you’ve answered “no”, marketing experts say you need to get busy to create one or your business is doomed. Pretty scary stuff.

What is a brand anyway?
All the gurus say you need to have a brand, but they don’t seem to agree on what it means. They all have a different definition. You need a logo, but a logo is not a brand. You need to have a unique design, but that isn’t a brand either. Nor is marketing, advertising or PR.

One expert says your brand is your personality, a lifestyle, and what you stand for. Huh? Another branding guru talks about your brand name, brand image, brand logo and your personal brand.

A microbusiness marketing expert claims the difference between brand and image is fuzzy, saying that your brand represents your existence but your image respresents your qualities (you’re cool or hip or whatever it is). In response to this another guy replied that image is part of the brand and if the brand doesn’t have an image it is not really a brand. So how are you supposed to have a brand if no one agrees what it is? Aiyiyi!!!

What the heck to do now?
These brand comments all come from people who do know their small business marketing and are good at it. They are just a sample. There are plenty more experts who define branding in even more ways,  but they all agree that we have to have one of those brand things… whatever it is. So what are we supposed to do? And how did anybody succeed in business before branding?

I say don’t worry about it. Whatever a brand is, you’ve already got one just by existing. That was easy!

What you have to do now is just be consistent in how you relate to your customers. Make your logo, your design, your colors and tagline,  your image and your message all agree and then keep them consistent. That is really what branding is all about,  being consistent in all of your marketing. If you start to get confused, just keep reminding yourself over and over, “My brand is my story and I’m sticking to it.”


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