Do You Want a Job or a Business?

by Ed Martin on November 16, 2009

Starting a small business is a job

This is probably not something you want to think about when planning how to start your small business since one of the most common motivations for starting a small business in the first place is to get away from having a job.

But, it’s a fact we have to accept. Getting a new venture up and running and then producing money IS a job. It is something you have to work at everyday. A business is something else. A business works for you, which is what you want. No more workin’ for da man, because you are da man!

Job is short term. Business is long term!

The trick here is that when you do start a business your job is to keep working at building it up so that it becomes successful. Then you don’t have to keep working at the job!

The more you do your job right, and the smarter and harder you work at it up front, the bigger and more successful your business will become down the road. Short term pain for long term gain. This is what being an entrepreneur is all about.

It does make sense

This really does make sense when you stop to think about it. Getting customers once is a job. It takes a lot of effort. Once you’ve got them and they continue to buy from you, though, the hard work is done and now you’ve got a business.

Or, think about having an online business. Now the job is to get it all set up and to make sure you are attracting buyers. Once that is working right, you can put it on autopilot. Then you have a business.

People work hard to save for retirement so they can live off those savings and not have to work. Think about your business in the same way. Smart planning and sweat now gives you those sweet dividends later.

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