Eat a Live Frog Every Morning?

by Ed Martin

There is common sense to the notion that the tasks  you most dread doing are the ones you should probably be doing first.  We don’t want to do the jobs that are hard and no fun. Nobody likes the jobs they aren’t good at or that scare them, so we avoid them and put them off. Maybe the problem will go away, or a miracle will happen or something will come up.  Who knows?

Unfortunately, procrastination is not a plan.  The tasks we avoid are most likely the ones we need to be doing first!!

Check out this video by Gina Trapani called Do Your Worst Task First, courtesy of one of my favorite magazines, Fast Company, for more on this and why you need to eat a frog every morning.

So, the lesson is if you do the worst stuff first, the rest of the day is all downhill.


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