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Sources for Small Business Loans

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One of the most popular searches on the internet is to find small business loans. Unfortunately, the results aren’t all that helpful, mainly because money is just tight when it comes to small and microbusiness lending.
I came across a new article on this subject by Karin Price Mueller at It doesn’t have any new exciting revelations, […]

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Simple Sales Forecasting – A Useful Tool

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Want to know how your business is doing? Look at your sales. But for them to make any sense you need to have something to compare them to so you can measure how you are doing. That is where a sales forecast comes in.
Making a sales forecast isn’t hard, especially when you understand you don’t […]

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Problems with Small Business Credit Cards

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Aleksandra Todorova has an interesting article at talking about an unforeseen risk you face when you have a small business credit card.
You’ve probably seen the offers for small business credit cards. They often have attractive rates and terms, and have been a useful way for cash-strapped small businesses to  manage cash flow. But now […]

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Self-Financing–Just Pay for It Yourself

You’ve figured out what kind of business you want to start and you’ve come up with plans. Now you’ve got to figure how to fund it. How the heck do you do that and where do you start.
Look Inward
Self-financing, or bootstrap financing as the entrepreneur-heads call it, is the number one most popular, easiest and, […]

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