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Getting Started

Small Business Library: Ideas for Starting a Business

nullI know the Internet is a go-to place to search for all kinds of info to start and run a small business, but sometimes you just want to have a book you can sit down and read. You want a permanent reference, something that has been vetted and edited and used by plenty […]

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Learning to Think Like A Consultant

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One of the easiest businesses to start is to become a consultant. Take special knowledge and expertise that you already have and sell it to others.
Consultants can work in all kinds of fields, serving large customers and small. The potential here is huge. The hitch is that people with subject matter skills don’t always have […]

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Questions You Need to Answer Before Starting a Business

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People are often so anxious to try out their idea for starting a business that they don’t think about what it really will take to fulfill their dream. Before you make the leap, sit down and do a self-assessment. Make a list of the things you love to do. It doesn’t matter what they are […]

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Early Cash Flow – The Secret to Business Success

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Lots of new businesses fail because the owners don’t take into account how long it takes to start bringing in any money at all, let alone enough dough to keep themselves and their business going. Why does this happen?
The Problem – Too Much Time
New and even experienced business owners often don’t realize that there […]

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What’s The Mission of a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a handy thing to have for any type of small, home or micro business. Its job simply is to state what you are trying to do with your business. It looks at the here and now. It doesn’t get all dreamy eyed about hopes and aspirations, like a vision statement can. […]

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Do You Really Need a Vision for Your Small Business?

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Business start-up coaches and experts tell us a small business needs to have a vision statement else it will be lost, without direction. With a vision statement a business owner has the a map for success which can inspire, energize and paint a bold picture of where to take the business in the future. Business […]

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Do You Want a Job or a Business?

Starting a small business is a job
This is probably not something you want to think about when planning how to start your small business since one of the most common motivations for starting a small business in the first place is to get away from having a job.
But, it’s a fact we have to accept. […]

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Closing a Small Business

One of the hardest things you have to do as a business owner, no matter if it is a microbusiness, a freelance or home business or a larger enterprise, is to close up shop and end the business. You’ve put in untold time and work with equal parts blood, sweat and tears to start and […]

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Freelancing – For Many Its the Best Choice for Starting a Microbusiness

If you are reading this you are probably a freelancer or want to be one. That is what most microbusinesses are and it is the best way for many people to start their own microbusiness. I’ve done freelancing for many years and love it, but it is a work style that might not be for […]

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Is Your Home Biz Legal?

Just because you can run a business from your home doesn’t mean that it is legal to do so. For that you have to comply with any local zoning ordinances, which can be found in your city and county offices. You should also check if there are any covenants or restrictions from homeowner or condo […]

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The Name Game

You’ve got a business, now you need to come up with a name for it. Big companies hire experts, do studies and spend a fortune to come up with just the right name, and screw it up all the time. So what does the microbusiness owner do? For one thing you can’t do worse than […]

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Can I Do Direct Sales like Mary Kay and Tupperware?

Absoutely you can start a microbusiness doing direct sales for all kinds of companies. Direct Sales businesses get a bum rap but they can be a great way to have a home-based part-time business.
It’s a pretty simple business model most people are familar with–have a party and sell stuff. Direct Selling is just the fancy […]

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Buying a Franchise as a Startup Alternative

Why go through all the trouble of starting a microbusiness or buying someone else’s existing business when you can get a franchise? It is yet way to get your business dreams up and running. The model is simple. In return for paying certain fees you get:

A proven business model – avoid startup mistakes
Help, training and […]

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