How to Boost Sales By Knowing What Customers Really Want

by Ed Martin on November 27, 2009

You think you know what people buy from you, right? It’s obvious. They buy whatever product or service you are selling. If it is a book, they are just buying paper or bits and bytes for an e-book. If you sell a service like designing a logo, then people are buying the logo you make for them. It’s simple, and also wrong. Recognizing this and knowing what to do about it can mean big success for your small or microbusiness.

Your product is more than just your product
Think about a little bookstore.. It sells books. To stay in business it has to compete not only with the big bookstores and the Walmarts, but also the online giants like Amazon. So why would people go to the bookstore?

They go for the entire experience of of buying a book in a book shop and are willing to pay extra for it. They like to see and handle books, maybe get a cup of tea and have a chat. They are buying a book, but they are also paying for reassurance, familiarity and ambiance.

The same thing goes for selling a service or software. People buy from you because they want your product, but also they want support, ease of purchase, instructions on how to use it and trust that you will be there if they need help.

Help customers choose you
Some customers will decide purely on price. If you want to get them you have to set your price low. But plenty of customers are affected by more than just price. They want the entire buying experience and the intangibles of support and service. The best part is that they are willing to pay for it.

Your job then is to focus all of your marketing and sales efforts on those extras that customers want. You can then do your pricing based on a better understanding of value customers want and look for when making a purchase.

For another idea about making customers happy, take a look at my post on  keeping customers loyal.

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