Know Your Motivation for Starting a Microbusiness

by Ed Martin on September 16, 2009

Your Motivation
What is motivating you to start your own business? Some common reasons are:

  • Getting fired
  • Fed up and quit
  • Want to be in control and not work for somebody else
  • Want creative freedom
  • See an opportunity, an unmet need you can fill
  • You’ve invented a better mousetrap

Are you really ready to give up the steady income and security of your job and risk the time and money that will go into starting a business? If not, then don’t go full-time yet. Find an extra hour or two a day. Do some moonlighting and see how that goes.

Know What You Want to Do

It is important to know what you want to do, to have a vision and the single-mindedness to dedicate yourself to reaching it. It is also important to know that things change. You need to be flexible so that if the need arises you can make changes. Things happen and successful micropreneurs adapt to their environment.

This is part 2 of the First Steps to Becoming a Micropreneur series.
Part 1
Part 3

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