Make Your Home MicroBiz Look Big

by Ed Martin on October 13, 2009

If your business is entirely on the Web, then move along. Nothing to see here. Get a website, build it up and off you go.

If, however, you are not entirely on the web, then you run into the problem of how to you make your home business look real. If you want people to work with you, to buy from you, then you’ve got to present an image that makes them feel comfortable. That image can vary based on who your target market is, but in any case you want to look the part that will convince them you are legit.

If you have a website, make sure it looks good. Keep it simple, not filled with junk. Skip all the extra ads and crazy colors, fonts and graphics. Less IS more. Make sure you have contact info so that people can, you know, contact you. Try to use a URL that makes sense for your business, not too hard to spell or remember. People will find you anyway, but it is good to help them with a good URL.

Have a separate phone for your business, one that when you answer it you know it is someone calling your business, not your kids or your grandma. When you do answer, be professional. Make sure there are no crying babies, barking dogs or blaring TV’s in the same room. Try to use your professional radio announcer voice. No swearing, darn. If other people answer your business number, make sure they know what to say and how to take a message. Make sure your voice-mail message gives customers the info they want, nothing crazy. Get an 800 number. They are cheap.

If you use email, it’s best to use the address that comes with your website. If you don’t have one and want to use gmail or yahoo.mail, don’t pick a crazy address, unless your target market expects one. Keep your emails professional. No spelling or grammar errors.

Make sure all your old school, paper communications have a professional look. You don’t have to hire a designer. You can do it yourself. Just remember that when it comes to graphics, less IS more. Most important is to keep everything consistent. Use the same logo, design, colors and fonts. You’re not trying to dazzle and amaze anyone here, so keep it simple and informative. If you’ve got a website, coordinate it as well. If you ship items, don’t reuse the box you got last year’s birthday present in. It just looks bad.

You can’t control your home address, so if it is not what you’d expect to see for a business, or you don’t want to reveal your home address, then rent one. Just make sure you can receive packages and deliveries there.

With just a little work and cost no one will be able to tell if your business is on Wall Street or at 2234 Happy Valley Lane, Apt 3-G.


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