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Hiring Employees: Is There a Better Way?

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Hiring people can be a big pain in the butt. You’ve got to look for people, weed through all the applicants, interview prospects, check references… and then you’re still never quite sure what you are going to get. There has to be a better way!
The Better Way?
Some companies think they have found a short cut, […]

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Simple Sales Forecasting – A Useful Tool

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Want to know how your business is doing? Look at your sales. But for them to make any sense you need to have something to compare them to so you can measure how you are doing. That is where a sales forecast comes in.
Making a sales forecast isn’t hard, especially when you understand you don’t […]

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Solving Small Business Problems the Kaizen Way

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Running a business means you constantly run into all kinds of problems, both big and small, serious and time consuming, annoying and costly. The question is how do you tackle them? How do you know which ones to fix, ignore or band-aid over?
Kaizens Can Help
I learned about the power of the kaizen (rhymes with dry […]

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Free Online Recordkeeping For Home Business And Freelancers

Recordkeeping is always a pain, especially when you have lots of transactions such as with an eBay account. I’ve been using a free online system that makes this whole process easier for freelancers, home businesses, or anybody who is self-employed.  It lets you easily handle your bookkeeping tasks so you can spend more time on making […]

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How to Safely Manage Your Money – 8 Things You Can Do Now

Money plays a huge role in the success or failure of your business. Making money is why you started a business to begin with, right? Not too surprising then that good money management skills are a must. Without them even profitable businesses can get into trouble.
Why money management matters
The truth is, no matter how much […]

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Closing a Small Business

One of the hardest things you have to do as a business owner, no matter if it is a microbusiness, a freelance or home business or a larger enterprise, is to close up shop and end the business. You’ve put in untold time and work with equal parts blood, sweat and tears to start and […]

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Top 5 business maxims that need to go

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A nice little  list list of things we think we know that aren’t really so from Chief Happiness Officer Alexander Kjerulf.

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