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Microbusiness Marketing: Are you losing business because your price is too low?

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In tough economic times people are looking for the lowest cost when they buy, so common sense says the best way to compete and get market share is to give people what they want–lower prices. The lower you go the more you will sell. But is that the best thing for your small or […]

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Do You Really Need to Brand Your Home Business?

Have you created your home business brand? How about your personal brand? Do you have a microbusiness branding strategy? Do you even know how to do that? If you’ve answered “no”, marketing experts say you need to get busy to create one or your business is doomed. Pretty scary stuff.
What is a brand anyway?
All the […]

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Money Back Guarantees – Good or Bad?

Money back guarantees are a sure way for a small business to boost sales. They show you stand behind your product or service. Customers feel less risk in making a purchase and so will pull the trigger. What’s not to love?
Unconditional guarantee
If you sell a product, the best thing you can do is to offer […]

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How to Boost Sales By Knowing What Customers Really Want

You think you know what people buy from you, right? It’s obvious. They buy whatever product or service you are selling. If it is a book, they are just buying paper or bits and bytes for an e-book. If you sell a service like designing a logo, then people are buying the logo you make […]

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How To Tell You Are in the Wrong Niche

I was talking to a guy today about marketing. He sells fitness programs and has been targeting people who go to gyms. I told him he was going after the wrong niche. People who go to gyms have a workout routine and they are most likely already fit. I suggested to him that a better […]

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Are You Spending Enough Time to Market Your Business?

Marketing is the key to getting a new business off the ground. Most people don’t realize they will have to spend half of their time or more(!!) on marketing. Especially for a new business.
You have to get your message out there to your target market to let them know that you’re in business and that […]

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8 Tips for Keeping Customers Happy on Your Site

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Have you taken a look at your website to see if the design and navigation could be driving customers away? Bad navigation just cost one website a customer –me. Is it costing you, too?
Don’t frustrate your customers
I found a website that offered a way to share documents online. It looked good and I was interested […]

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