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Do’s and Don’ts of Bank Borrowing

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If you are considering getting a bank loan for your small business, especially one through the SBA, you should be aware that these loans come with some strong strings attached that add unexpected risks to business borrowing. For example, business loans are often secured by personal assets, meaning if you default on your business banks […]

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Sources for Small Business Loans

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One of the most popular searches on the internet is to find small business loans. Unfortunately, the results aren’t all that helpful, mainly because money is just tight when it comes to small and microbusiness lending.
I came across a new article on this subject by Karin Price Mueller at It doesn’t have any new exciting revelations, […]

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Early Cash Flow – The Secret to Business Success

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Lots of new businesses fail because the owners don’t take into account how long it takes to start bringing in any money at all, let alone enough dough to keep themselves and their business going. Why does this happen?
The Problem – Too Much Time
New and even experienced business owners often don’t realize that there […]

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Simple Sales Forecasting – A Useful Tool

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Want to know how your business is doing? Look at your sales. But for them to make any sense you need to have something to compare them to so you can measure how you are doing. That is where a sales forecast comes in.
Making a sales forecast isn’t hard, especially when you understand you don’t […]

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Problems with Small Business Credit Cards

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Aleksandra Todorova has an interesting article at talking about an unforeseen risk you face when you have a small business credit card.
You’ve probably seen the offers for small business credit cards. They often have attractive rates and terms, and have been a useful way for cash-strapped small businesses to  manage cash flow. But now […]

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Free Online Recordkeeping For Home Business And Freelancers

Recordkeeping is always a pain, especially when you have lots of transactions such as with an eBay account. I’ve been using a free online system that makes this whole process easier for freelancers, home businesses, or anybody who is self-employed.  It lets you easily handle your bookkeeping tasks so you can spend more time on making […]

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How to Safely Manage Your Money – 8 Things You Can Do Now

Money plays a huge role in the success or failure of your business. Making money is why you started a business to begin with, right? Not too surprising then that good money management skills are a must. Without them even profitable businesses can get into trouble.
Why money management matters
The truth is, no matter how much […]

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Three Things You Can Do Today to Save Money and the Planet

Little acts can have a big effect if enough people do them. Small and micro-businesess make up 99% of all of companies in America. If each of these companies takes a couple of simple steps to green their business individually they can save some money and, collectively, they will take a big step towards saving […]

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Small Business Grants — Too Good To Be True?

I hear all the time that there are millions and billions of dollars in grants for small businesses just sitting out there waiting for someone to come and apply for them. Is it true, or too good to be true?
Uncle Sam
The first place to look is the US federal government from and, as […]

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Angel Investors and Venture Capital – Pipe Dreams?

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Even in the best of times, venture capital was a dream for most small businesses, especially startups. Now it has dried up for almost everyone, so yes it is a pipe dream.
Angel investors are more interesting. Angel investors differ from venture capitalists because they are individual investors instead of a group, they invest their own […]

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Funding Your Business by Hitting Up Friends and Family

Borrowing from friends and family is second most popular form of business funding after self-funding.
They know you, for better or worse, and will lend you money based on trust for you. They are easy to approach because you know them. They are also often likely to be okay with not being repaid right away or […]

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Self-Financing–Just Pay for It Yourself

You’ve figured out what kind of business you want to start and you’ve come up with plans. Now you’ve got to figure how to fund it. How the heck do you do that and where do you start.
Look Inward
Self-financing, or bootstrap financing as the entrepreneur-heads call it, is the number one most popular, easiest and, […]

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