A Great Resource for Starting an Online Business

by Ed Martin

I recently came across a wonderful resource for anyone involved with or contemplating starting a small business. It is called MyWifeQuitHerJob.com. The background story is that the site tells the journey of a couple, Steve and Jennifer, who started an online business with the goal of making over $100K in their first year.

Steve and Jennifer overcame many obstacles and went through a steep learning curve to reach their goal. It’s an interesting story by itself, but what I really like is how Steve and Jennifer have taken what they learned while growing a successful business from nothing and share that experience in the form of informative on starting and managing an online store as well as a seven part which walks you through the all the steps you need to take to start a business.

Besides the tutorial and the guide there are plenty of articles on and even a section on .  If you are just starting a business and things are a little slow, check out Steve’s of how they survived their first month in business before making that all important initial sale.  Then follow along to see what you can do to keep a successful business from . Or check out the best way to –it isn’t necessarily what you think.

I could go on about the good info on this site, but instead let me end by saying it is well worth spending a couple of hours browsing around . You’ll be richly rewarded for the effort.


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