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Problems with Small Business Credit Cards

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Aleksandra Todorova has an interesting article at talking about an unforeseen risk you face when you have a small business credit card.
You’ve probably seen the offers for small business credit cards. They often have attractive rates and terms, and have been a useful way for cash-strapped small businesses to  manage cash flow. But now […]

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Free Online Recordkeeping For Home Business And Freelancers

Recordkeeping is always a pain, especially when you have lots of transactions such as with an eBay account. I’ve been using a free online system that makes this whole process easier for freelancers, home businesses, or anybody who is self-employed.  It lets you easily handle your bookkeeping tasks so you can spend more time on making […]

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How to Safely Manage Your Money – 8 Things You Can Do Now

Money plays a huge role in the success or failure of your business. Making money is why you started a business to begin with, right? Not too surprising then that good money management skills are a must. Without them even profitable businesses can get into trouble.
Why money management matters
The truth is, no matter how much […]

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Three Things You Can Do Today to Save Money and the Planet

Little acts can have a big effect if enough people do them. Small and micro-businesess make up 99% of all of companies in America. If each of these companies takes a couple of simple steps to green their business individually they can save some money and, collectively, they will take a big step towards saving […]

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