Set Your Startup Goals

by Ed Martin on September 16, 2009

It is important to set some goals for starting your business. Think about things like:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • How much money do you want to make?
  • Where to you want to work? Anywhere, at home in your pajamas? In your own office or store? On Main street or the beach?
  • How much and long do you want to work? Do you see yourself putting in 2 hour days or working 80 hour weeks?
  • Do you want to be famous, in demand? A local move & shaker or an Internet celebrity?

Try to be specific with your goals so you can actually measure your progress toward reaching them. It won’t work for some, but try anyway. It’s okay at this stage to set the bar high, but try to be realistic. You’ll feel better about yourself. Make short term and long term goals: where you want to be in 3 months and 3 years. Don’t worry, your goals can change as you go, but you need something to shot for at the start. Just keep your list and update it regularly.

There you have it. You’ve completed the first steps in your journey to becoming a successful micropreneur.

This is part 4 of the First Steps to Becoming a Micropreneur series.
Part 3

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