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Small Business Library: Ideas for Starting a Business

by Ed Martin

I know the Internet is a go-to place to search for all kinds of info to start and run a small business, but sometimes you just want to have a book you can sit down and read. You want a permanent reference, something that has been vetted and edited and used by plenty of other people. Something with a pedigree, criticisms and endorsements.

Over the years I built my own library of books that I’ve reviewed and used or just read for entertainment and enlightenment.  In this new series of articles called Small Business Library I want to share some of the great titles I’ve come across and that you can use to build your own small business library, covering all aspects of planning, starting, marketing and managing a small or micro business. Let’s get started with finding ideas for starting your business.

Ideas for Your Biz

Here are some books to help you come up with an idea for starting your business based on what you know or like, or what you think others will like. You can rely on tried and true ideas for a start-up or go for something wacky.  The sky’s the limit!

Small Business Ideas: 400 Latest & Greatest Small Business Ideas by Terry Kyle gives you 400 ready-to-go businesses as well as some basic business advice.

IdeaSpotting: How to Find Your Next Great Idea by Sam Harrison is a quick read to help get your creative juices flowing.

What Business Should I Start?: 7 Steps to Discovering the Ideal Business for You by Rhonda Abrams has some of everything: self-analysis tests, a list of 400 business ideas and in depth looks at 23 specific businesses.

Best Home Businesses for People 50+ by Paul and Sarah Edwards is an easy to read look at why to start a home business and what kinds of businesses to consider. It’s not just for the over 50 crowd. It can help anyone looking to supplement income or change their career path by starting their own business.

The Million-Dollar Idea in Everyone: Easy New Ways to Make Money from Your Interests, Insights and Inventions by Mike Collins is geared more for inventors but has ideas for anyone who has an idea and wants to run with it.

Watch for more great titles for your own small business library.


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