Sources for Small Business Loans

by Ed Martin

One of the most popular searches on the internet is to find small business loans. Unfortunately, the results aren’t all that helpful, mainly because money is just tight when it comes to small and microbusiness lending.

I came across a new article on this subject by Karin Price Mueller at It doesn’t have any new exciting revelations, but does list out some of the most common sources:

  • Bank loans – almost impossible to get
  • Government loans – hard to get and take a long time
  • Family and friends – depends on what they have and how solid is the relationship
  • Home equity – it’s your house, do you want to risk it?
  • Credit cards – easy to get but oh those interest rates
  • Partners – got to find them and then you give up ownership
  • Retirement money – its your retirement you are playing with
  • – website that matches borrowers with lenders, especially for microloans

The bottom line is that there are ways to finance your business. Some are better than others and no one way is right for everyone. Just know that  it is tough for small businesses to get financing in the best of times,  so naturally it is a nightmare during tight credit periods. In any case, it is always worth knowing what options might be available and checking them out.

For more, see  the at Entreprener.  Also see my Funding Your Business by Hitting Up Friends and Family, the ever popular Small Business Grants — Too Good To Be True?, Angel Investors and Venture Capital – Pipe Dreams?, and last but not least Self-Financing–Just Pay for It Yourself.

Happy hunting and good luck!


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