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Small Business Library: Ideas for Starting a Business

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nullI know the Internet is a go-to place to search for all kinds of info to start and run a small business, but sometimes you just want to have a book you can sit down and read. You want a permanent reference, something that has been vetted and edited and used by plenty […]

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Questions You Need to Answer Before Starting a Business

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People are often so anxious to try out their idea for starting a business that they don’t think about what it really will take to fulfill their dream. Before you make the leap, sit down and do a self-assessment. Make a list of the things you love to do. It doesn’t matter what they are […]

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Early Cash Flow – The Secret to Business Success

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Lots of new businesses fail because the owners don’t take into account how long it takes to start bringing in any money at all, let alone enough dough to keep themselves and their business going. Why does this happen?
The Problem – Too Much Time
New and even experienced business owners often don’t realize that there […]

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Home Businesses Grow Up

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It used to be that having a home business meant that you sold something out of your garage or at flea markets, or maybe you had an office in your den where you sold insurance or did taxes. Times have changed, though. The SBA says there are now over 15 million home businesses in the […]

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What’s The Mission of a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a handy thing to have for any type of small, home or micro business. Its job simply is to state what you are trying to do with your business. It looks at the here and now. It doesn’t get all dreamy eyed about hopes and aspirations, like a vision statement can. […]

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Do You Really Need a Vision for Your Small Business?

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Business start-up coaches and experts tell us a small business needs to have a vision statement else it will be lost, without direction. With a vision statement a business owner has the a map for success which can inspire, energize and paint a bold picture of where to take the business in the future. Business […]

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The Name Game

You’ve got a business, now you need to come up with a name for it. Big companies hire experts, do studies and spend a fortune to come up with just the right name, and screw it up all the time. So what does the microbusiness owner do? For one thing you can’t do worse than […]

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Buy a Business Instead of Starting One

Instead of starting a business from scratch why not just buy one? Skip all that soul searching, planning and struggling to get a new business going and take over somebody else’s business. Here are the advantages to buying instead of starting a business

Studies show you are less likely to fail with an existing business than […]

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Consider Part-time before Full-time

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Taking the full-time business plunge is a like diving off the high board, the really really high board. It can be scary. If it is too scary consider warming up by jumping low board first– start a part-time business.
There are lots of advantages to going part-time first. You can keep earning your nice steady paycheck from […]

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Know Your Motivation for Starting a Microbusiness

Your Motivation
What is motivating you to start your own business? Some common reasons are:

Getting fired
Fed up and quit
Want to be in control and not work for somebody else
Want creative freedom
See an opportunity, an unmet need you can fill
You’ve invented a better mousetrap

Are you really ready to give up the steady income and security of your […]

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