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A Great Resource for Starting an Online Business

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I recently came across a wonderful resource for anyone involved with or contemplating starting a small business. It is called The background story is that the site tells the journey of a couple, Steve and Jennifer, who started an online business with the goal of making over $100K in their first year.
Steve and Jennifer […]

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Eat a Live Frog Every Morning?

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There is common sense to the notion that the tasks  you most dread doing are the ones you should probably be doing first.  We don’t want to do the jobs that are hard and no fun. Nobody likes the jobs they aren’t good at or that scare them, so we avoid them and put them […]

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Early Cash Flow – The Secret to Business Success

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Lots of new businesses fail because the owners don’t take into account how long it takes to start bringing in any money at all, let alone enough dough to keep themselves and their business going. Why does this happen?
The Problem – Too Much Time
New and even experienced business owners often don’t realize that there […]

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Succeed by Knowing Where to Focus

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Common sense says you can grow our business by looking for new markets and ideas. If you are struggling, then naturally you should look at the things that are going wrong or broken and fix them. Obvious, right?
Not so fast
Not necessarily so. Let’s look at the situation from the other side. What if instead of […]

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Home Businesses Grow Up

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It used to be that having a home business meant that you sold something out of your garage or at flea markets, or maybe you had an office in your den where you sold insurance or did taxes. Times have changed, though. The SBA says there are now over 15 million home businesses in the […]

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Enjoy Your Business

Most of the articles and blogs I read deal with problems and troubles people have with starting and running their businesses. Or there are articles about how to improve yourself and how you work. Find ways to work harder, be bigger, grow faster. Change this, do that. Seems like the whole Internet is build around […]

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Online Business Help – 9 Rules to Avoid Getting Hurt

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When you start an online business, one thing you are going to end up doing is looking around the web to get ideas, help and advice from other online sources. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, from blogging about eating healthy and selling goods out of your store to offering coaching, you are going […]

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Why Your Business Plan Failing Can Be A Good Thing

Did you know having your business plan fail can be the best thing that can happen to you? Sounds crazy right? But it’s true, and here is why.
Why Plans Fail
Business plans, marketing plans, heck any kind of plan is going to fail. Some just a little and others spectacularly. It’s not for lack of work or […]

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Stay Focused for Success

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If you don’t pay attention when driving, you can end up in the hospital or worse. All it takes is a moment to answer your phone or play with the radio and BAM!!! you’ve hit a cow. Why should it be any different running your business or your life?
What’s Your Brain Doing Right Now?
It’s probably […]

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Do You Know the Beast’s Five Secrets for Success?

I went  to hear composer Philip Glass speak collaboration and creativity expecting to learn about how he composes music for film. Instead I learned about some some important secrets for success in business. Here’s what is even wackier, the lessons come from the French surrealist Jean Cocteau’s  movie La Belle et le Bete , better as the Disney version Beauty […]

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