The No-Page Business Plan

by Ed Martin

We’ve all heard of the One-Page business plan but how about the No-Page business plan? Have you heard of it? Probably not because as far as I know there is no such thing. Until now.

What is the No-Page biz plan?
That’s simple. It is nothing, no plan. Forget about doing one. Period!

Instead, focus on how you are going to market and sell what you’ve got. That is the real meat of a plan anyway so just go for it.

When to Use it
There are plenty of cases where you don’t need a business plan, of course, but I want to look more closely at just one. Suppose you are doing some internet marketing, selling a book or a program or a membership or just getting people to sign up for a newsletter.

Do you need a business plan for that? Of course not. What you do need is to figure out your sales tools, your marketing strategy and how to make a really strong squeeze page with copy that works.

Spend your planning time working on your sales copy. Think about how to make it compelling. Decide what problem you are solving for which people and then how to trigger them to take action. Work on the approach you’ll take to draw potential buyers to your money pages (the pages where people do something, buy, sign-up, join or whatever.) I’ll go into more about this in later posts, but you can see what I’m talking about now.

Skip the planning. Sharpen your copywriting pencils and get writing. When you get all that working, then you can start to consider things like goals and plans.

If you want to know more about business plans, and whether you need one, take a look at Do You Really Need a Business Plan?


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