The One Page Business Plan

by Ed Martin

I mentioned doing a single page plan in a previous post. The important thing is not how long the plan is but what you actually to put in it to make it worthwhile. Keep it flexible. That’s one of the advantages of being a microbusiness. Here’s what you need for your one pager:

What business you’re truly in
This can change over time, which is why you update your plan.

Target market
Like the business you’re in, this can change as you find new markets and see that some don’t work.

How much money you need to run your business
Update this regularly because how much you have and how much you need will change.

Set up goals for your business. Try to make them measurable so you can see if you are meeting them or not. Try Any time length will do, but try to have some short and long term goals: daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly or what ever works best for you.

You probably have some kind of to do list for daily and weekly tasks. This is for bigger, longer term needs and goes with the Goals you set above.

Lessons Learned
Keep track of the mistakes you’ve made as well as your successes. Reminding yourself of where you went wrong can help you avoid the same mistake. Reviewing your wins can show you how to get more.

That’s it! The main thing is to be flexible. Don’t be afraid to make a change if something isn’t working out right or if you find something that works. A one page business plan will help you do that.

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