Learning to Think Like A Consultant

by Ed Martin

One of the easiest businesses to start is to become a consultant. Take special knowledge and expertise that you already have and sell it to others.

Consultants can work in all kinds of fields, serving large customers and small. The potential here is huge. The hitch is that people with subject matter skills don’t always have the entrepreneurial savvy to start and run their own business. I’ve found a site that helps newcomers and old hands with their consulting businesses or any business really.

The site is called Think Like a Consultant. It is a relatively new site, so while  it doesn’t have a huge archive of articles, the ones I’ve read were good, especially if you are new to consulting or are considering starting your own consulting shop. Jump in with their  series if you are a newbie to the consulting racket or take a step back further with  Some other interesting finds on the site are , ,  , as well as articles on setting up your office and marketing. A special gem is the list of  that come in handy for any one in consulting.

I should point out that some of the information presented is pretty basic, which is what makes it useful for newcomers. Baby steps first, then sprint. Plus there is nothing wrong with going back over things you think you know.  I’m always relearning good ideas I’ve forgotten all about. Like I said, there is something here for everyone.

I like finding and recommending quality sites that are not on everyone’s radar. fills that bill. Check it out!


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