Three Things You Can Do Today to Save Money and the Planet

by Ed Martin on October 25, 2009

Little acts can have a big effect if enough people do them. Small and micro-businesess make up 99% of all of companies in America. If each of these companies takes a couple of simple steps to green their business individually they can save some money and, collectively, they will take a big step towards saving the planet. Here are some ideas you can try today:

1. Quit using paper. Every business needs to be able to communicate internally and with customers, but you don’t have to rely on paper. You’ve got the phone, email, texting, tweeting, online meetings and sharing work docs to name a few ways to communicate without using paper. Use them more and paper less. You don’t need to print out everything–read it and store it online. Put up a “Think before you print” sign by your printer. Add a note to your email signature file asking readers to think before printing. When you do have to print, use recycled paper for everyday use. Save the good stuff for when you really need it. Recycled paper does cost more, but you can make up for it by printing only what you need from a document instead of the whole thing. Try 2 pages to a side and print on both sides.

2. Shut down when your done. At the end of the day, turn everything off. Lights, pc’s, printers, whatever you’ve got running. Just turn it off and watch your energy bill drop.

3. Recycle. Yes, you can have a recycling program right in your own business. Just look around. Think of ways to reuse old items. Come up with new uses for others. Don’t throw out paper when you can turn it over and use it for scrap paper. Refill your ink cartridges. Use rewritable CD’s and DVD’s instead of single use ones. Reuse cardboard boxes from shipped supplies for your own shipping. Use real coffee cups you can wash instead of buying paper or styrofoam ones. Repair instead of replace.

Every business wants to save money. Cut your costs with these simple steps. It’s the right thing to do. You’ll increase your profits and do something good for the planet.

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